Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have always loved…… no that’s I lie. As a tween I LOTHED Valentine’s Day I called it “Sappy Day” and thought it was simply a “Hallmark Holiday” that was another excuse for people to spend money. But then, in high school, boys gave me roses and chocolate and suddenly I didn’t hate the day so much…

Now, however, as a wife I see the holiday in a different light. It is nice to have my husband to celebrate the holiday with… the romantic side. But more then that, I love that this holiday gives me a reason to celebrate all the people I love! It’s like a non-obligational christmas. You never “have to” send a card or even a nice text to your friends and family, but it’s a really good reason to.

This year, as an unemployed house wife, I had a lot of time on my hands and decided to send a Valentine’s Day Care Package to my sister and my best friend and, of course, I made one for my husband too.


I was actually quite proud of myself for coming up with a cute idea that I didn’t have to (completely) steal off Pinterest. In case you want to replicate it here’s what I put together for a…

Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Care Package:

  • Homemade Card (in the picture above it’s inside the mug)
  • Homemade Marshmallows (I used this recipe: http://bellyfull.net/2015/01/16/homemade-heart-marshmallows/ )
  • 3 Kinds of specialty homemade Hot Cocoa Mix (Pinterest has some excellent ideas)
  • Chocolate Covered Spoon
  • And a whole bunch of dollar store stuff! Including; the goodie bags, mug, tissue paper, containers and cinnamon sticks.


It was a lot of fun putting these together, but it was so much more enjoyable to hear how they made the people I love feel loved.



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