A Most Wonderful Job…

“Don’t think this is weird or anything, but Marcus is going to look for traits he sees in you in the woman he looks for as a wife.” 

My husband said to me the other day. He was just speaking from experience; he knew he and his friends ended up looking for wives that represented their moms in one way or another. I have heard people say that is true, boys (and girls) see the example their parents set as the standard of what they are to look for in a future life partner.

Only then did it dawn on me that I actually have a huge role to play in my sons life! Up till that point I had only been thinking of my big role as Marcus’ parent. I had thought of every detail of what kind of mom I want to be with him, what kind of things I’ll want us to do together and how I’ll exercise discipline. However, being a mom is so much more then how I am to my son. It’s who I am, to the core! He is going to watch how I talk to his daddy and see what things are most important to me in my private life and observe how I cook and how I treat strangers and ALL of my life. And THAT will be the standard he sets for the woman he wants to spend his life with.

I have to admit, as daunting as that sounds, it also kind of flatters me. There is someone in this world who is going to pay acute attention to what I do and want something modeled after me! I am so happy that it’s not entirely up to me to show my sweet boy the right way, and I don’t have to figure out what the right way is on my own. It’s all laid out for me in the bible. I pray that my example will be from the Spirit and therefore point my boy to his Savior.


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